Alberni Automatic Transmission

Transmission Service

Alberni Automatic Transmission is the leader in Nanaimo for all of your Transmission Service needs!Alberni Automatic Transmission is the leader in Nanaimo British Columbia for the maintenance, service, and diagnosis of automatic and manual transmissions. The technicians in our Nanaimo transmission shop are certifed professionals with years of experience and have the right tools and the latest diagnostic equipment to make sure your transmission is diagnosed and serviced correctly at a fair and competitive prices.

Our services for transmission service include the following:

Automatic Transmission | Computer Diagnosis | Fluid & Filter Replacement

Manual Transmission | Transmission Adjustment | Transmission Cooler

Transmission Replacement | Transmission Reseal


Are you experiencing transmission issues? Come by the shop so we can test drive your vehicle to see if we can diagnose the issue quickly at no charge.

f you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop by,  or phone us at 250 753 3268Learn More About Us